Tote Tanks

  • Reinforced Pad Eyes
  • Single Eye For Added Strength
  • Certified Tanks Under UN
  • Completely Stainless Steel Construction
  • Full Integration with our Patented Tote Tank Transporter Racks
  • Side-discharge Only
  • Sweep 90 degree Discharge
  • 2′ Full Port Opening Valve
  • 20 Degree Male Discharge Nipple with End Cap
  • Reinforced Pad Eyes
  • Pressure/Vacuum Vent Port
  • Anti-sling Safety Top Standard on ALL Totes
  • Quick Release Top Cover
  • Forklift Pockets
  • Bottom Ends Blocked to Prevent Oversized Forklift Damage
  • Extended Legs for Easy Hose Connection

R and D Sight Glass Tote Tank

R and D Sight Glass Tote Tank Features

Sight gauges were introduced to tote tanks in the early 1980’s and for the past 28 years have had problems with shipping, stacking and handling of the tote. This new internal sight gauge almost eliminated all of these problems while still allowing the tank volume to be viewed.

  • UN/DOT Compliant
  • Heavy duty, 10 gauge 304 or 316 stainless steel construction
  • Sloped bottom for virtually 100% discharge
  • Top manway with EPDM gasket and bolted clamp ring
  • Top fill fitting with fusible cap and lanyard
  • Sight glass gauge with integral shut off valves
  • Bottom discharge with lockable, stainless steel ball valve
  • Heavy duty lifting lugs/stackable leg positioners

R and D Offers the Latest Updates in Our Tote Tanks

  • Bottom Ends Blocked To Prevent Oversized Forklift Damage
  • Most totes have 9”legs, the tank is 77”in height and the lifting eyes are 3 ½”above the tank.
  • The totes are 48”on the valve side and 42”across the front.
  • A 550 gallon tote weighs around 645-795 lbs. Depending on configuration.
  • The fill volume is 8.46 gallons per inch.
  • All totes have 2”discharge valve, 3”fill cap on a 22”top.
  • Forklift Pockets For Added Safety


Safety Top Advantages

All totes are outfitted with an anti lid pull off safety cover. Eliminates any sling from having contact with the tote tank lid.

  • Stainless Material to Hold Shape
  • No Additional Clamping or Hold Assembly
  • Prevents Sling From Pulling Off Tote Tank Lid
  • Fits Flush on top of Tote
  • Universal Fit on all Tote Tanks
  • Patented

Brochure download

Included in the brochure is helpful information about Tote Tanks